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Clarkvision reviews include analyses of sensor output at the raw level before any raw conversion, enabling the camera's real performance to be understood. This analysis gives the read noise, full well capacity, noise as a function of ISO (gain), and thermal noise in long exposures. From this data, the performance of how the camera with a given lens performs as an imaging system can be understood. If you are pushing limits, as in low light or fast action photography the information in the reviews found here can be very informative and save money by choosing the right camera for a given problem.

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Digital Camera Sensor Reviews

Digital Camera Reviews: Digital Camera Sensor Analysis:
Sensor Noise, Dynamic Range, Dark Current, and Full Well Analysis
Newest analysis: November 2014 (April 2015 update): Canon 7D Mark II sensor analysis.
Canon 1DX, Nov. 2012 - Jan. 2014 Canon 1D Mark IV, Feb. 2010 - Jan. 2014 Canon 1D Mark II, Aug. 2007 - Jan. 2014
Canon 5D Mark III, Nov. 2012 - Nov. 2013 Canon 5D Mark II, Dec. 2008 - Nov. 2013
Canon 6D, Jan. 2014
Canon 7D Mark II, Nov. 2014, April 2015 Canon 7D, Dec, 2009 - Jan. 2014
Nikon D50, May 2006 Nikon D200, Sept. 2006
Canon S70, Sept. 2006
Reviews here and what the data mean are described and are put in context with each other and with other published camera data at:
Digital Camera Sensor Performance Summary.

Additional Information:

Technology advancements for low light long exposure imaging

On-Sensor Dark Current Suppression Technology

Digital Cameras and Long Exposure Times: Noise and Dark Current Comparisons

Procedures for performing this analysis are described in:
Procedures for Evaluating Digital Camera Noise, Dynamic Range, and Full Well Capacities; Canon 1D Mark II Analysis

Here is a description on how to obtain the data for a sensor analysis:

Autofocus Speed of Cameras and Lenses

Initial Methodologies for testing camera plus lens combinations are described here: Autofocus Speed of DSLRs and Telephoto Lenses

Coming soon: more Camera + lens autofocus performance data.

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